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Counselling services

General counselling

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General counselling

Having worked as a counsellor over a number of years my breadth of experience has allowed me to develop the skills and resources to support you on your journey.


I am committed to helping you move through the challenges that you may be facing to experience more satisfaction in your life.

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Grief & Loss

Grief and loss is an all encompassing part of life. Whether it is expected or unexpected, grief can completely shift your whole world view. 

As an experienced grief counsellor I will sit with you in the rubble while you process this pain.

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complex transitions

Life can be difficult. We are often faced with experiences that create challenges in many aspects of our life. 

So how do you cope? 

By reaching out to a supportive counsellor that is experienced in dealing with complex transitions and can help you get back to a more happy way of life. 

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Career counselling

As an employee assistance counsellor I am skilled at helping you reflect and process challenges that may exist in your current career. 

I can also provide support around challenging staff members or your journey to a new career path.