• Carly Kelly-Fairweather

Facing change

Life is all about change. Some change is a welcome relief, and at other times it is a daunting experience forced upon us. But there is no doubt we all face some form of change within our lives. So, learning how to handle change is an important life skill.

The transition to change often leads to a myriad of emotions. Our starting journey can often heighten anxiety and fears leading to questions of how we can cope with the new experience we are faced with. It may lead us to question the impact these changes may have on our current life or the lives of those around us.

Our fears can create feelings of anger or, even at times, shame. Questioning whether we can cope with what is ahead. The change that was once welcomed may now lead to feelings of guilt, depression or even hostility.

So, what is it about those people who when faced with change seem to make it work no matter the cost?

The gap between feeling these lower moods is simply the difference between our inner resources and outer support systems.

Your sense of self and feeling confident in your abilities can impact on your coping skills during times of change. Reflecting on the way you have managed change in the past, or even speaking with friends around how they approach change, can help you move forward during this transition.

When we feel strong within ourselves and develop our social supports this can help to guide us to a place where change is no longer feared but rather embraced in life.

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